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This is software Fabian Pietsch has created for GNU/Linux systems.

All times are in CET/CEST.



C source of more or less quality and size... Dates in parentheses: Last update, begin of development. (all versions)

(2003-11-29 22:03)
(2003-11-14 first)
0.1.3 audio file database maintainance tool for "Project Stream"; first checks current db for validity, then scans the base directory recursively for new files
(2003-11-29 22:20)
(2003-08-07 first)
0.1.4 zzznowman's utilities -- useful code base (like Binary Tree implementation) to use in later programs (like "Project Stream"'s zzzupdate-af)
(2004-08-15 23:36)
(2003-12-04 first)
0.1.3 zzznowman's telephone numbers -- telephone database frontend (console); now uses ncurses and is partly usable; search dialog/feature still missing.
(2004-02-02 23:30)
(2003-12-27 first)
0.1.3 forward data between arbitrary hosts connecting to it and a fixed destination server/port:
  • listens on some run-time defineable port
  • connects to run-time defineable real server
  • forwards data between both
  • disconnects both sides cleanly if any side does so
  • alway accepts new connections while still serving old ones
bbomberman (C++)
(2004-10-12 02:35)
(2004-09-27 first)
0.2.3-zzz bomberman clone (written in C++) -- cooperative project with bb-generation (or, at least, I've worked on his code base; "unapproved" as of 2004-10-12 02:37)
  • large parts rewritten (original)
  • server side of net code working (game can be controlled using telnet)
  • client side of net code almost working (game can be played, but there's no access control on which client may move which bomberman, client can't set player names, etc.)
bgrep (Prerelease)
(2005-03-16 22:42)
(2005-03-01 first)
0.8.2-pre bgrep means binary grep. It scans files (especially block devices) for blocks matching given patterns or CRC32 hashes. This can be used for disaster recovery, e.g. restoring parts of deleted files on ext3 partitions given CRC32 hashes of the data blocks are available; but as bgrep in this version only outputs the block number of matching blocks, this requires some (read: a lot ;) ) additional manual work using combinatory thinking and dd. (Don't expect large files on ext[23] to be laid out continously on disk; every now and then, there are indirect blocks inserted or other data is interleaved.)
Please note that this is only a preversion of what bgrep once might become.

Shell scripts, Perl scripts

Here are some small scripts for Bash and Perl I found to be more or less useful for myself. The scripts are shell scripts if not indicated otherwise. Dates in parentheses: Last update, (sometimes estimated) begin of development. (all versions)

(2003-10-06 01:33)
(2003-03-09 first)
download command line argument, log URL to FILE.log; optionally date-tag both (using -d)
(2003-06-08 15:04)
(2003-04-23 first)
download files whose URLs are in _url in the cwd (or in the file specified with -f; supports entering passwords at runtime and putting the resulting password-containing URLs in a temporary file only readable by the user. (The file is removed even when aborted/if crashed.)
(2003-10-13 11:16)
(2003-10-13 first)
0.1 encrypt/decrypt a file, optionally "securely" delete it after encryption
(2003-10-13 14:33)
(2003-10-13 first)
0.1.1 "securely" delete a file, by overwriting it with randomness
zzzmklog (Perl)
(2003-10-17 19:22)
(2003-10-17 first)
0.1.0 generate unique logfile name; check for existence of previous logfiles with a given name
  • named analogously to mktemp(1)
  • uses Perl
zzzmorse (Perl)
(2004-04-30 22:42)
(2003-11-18 first)
0.1.4 encode to and decode from Morse code (includes new code for '@') (Irssi, Perl)
(2004-04-30 22:36)
(2003-11-18 first)
0.1.4 encode to and decode from Morse code (includes new code for '@') (Irssi script version)
zzzsplitstream (Perl)
(2003-12-21 16:31)
(2003-12-21 first)
0.1.4 splits Ogg streams into separate files for each track; may also be used with pipes like this:
wget -O- -qq | zzzsplitstream -
this will stream from the specified source and split into separate ogg files on-the-fly (Irssi version) (Perl, Irssi)
(2004-02-10 23:01)
(2004-02-10 first)
0.1.1 recodes data received from IRC network: transforms UTF-8 characters to ISO-8859-1
zzzrename (Perl)
(2004-04-05 18:36)
(2004-04-05 first)
0.1 expands URL escapes (e.g., %20) in file names to the real character (for %20, this would be a space)
zzzdatediff (Perl)
(2004-04-24 15:31)
(2004-04-24 first)
0.1 calculates the difference between a (e.g. birth) date and now; if the given date lies in the past, also calculates difference to next anniversary (Perl, Irssi)
(2005-08-17 04:22)
(2005-08-12 first)
0.1.5 Encodes own messages to AOL IM users as HTML and decodes messages from them. Beware the limitations.
zib (Perl)
(2006-06-05 06:20)
(2006-05-19 first)
0.2.3 zib is zzznowman's IRC bot. It's based on Net::IRC and written in a rather modular way, so large parts of its code base will be reloadable at run time, enabling incremental development without need of restarts or reconnects. Currently, only the request handlers (ZIB::RequestHandlers, defining what "commands" zib knows and reacts to,) are reloadable at runtime, though.


Some small patches that fix various aspects of software packages written by others. Sometimes it's a matter of taste, though, so use at your own risk! Again, the dates in parentheses are last update and begin of development. (all versions)

(2003-10-12 17:09)
(2003-09-25 first)
qmail 1.03 Accommodate qmail (qmail-remote, to be more precise,) to my personal needs...
  • Add support for envelope-sender based SMTP routes using /var/qmail/control/smtproutesfrom
  • Disable canonization of envelope-recipient host, so that mailing to subdomains below e.g. DynDNS domains becomes possible
(2003-10-04 19:44)
(2003-10-04 first)
SuSE's secchk package for SuSE Linux 7.0 fix various aspects of SuSE's cron-activated security check package which caused problems on at least one server for a long time...
  • Usernames longer than 8 characters, though invalid in some ways, are recognized correctly know in the homedir/mailspoolfile/dotfile owner checks
  • Homedir permission check used a RegEx which only matches file permissions
  • "Programs with bound sockets" check was often broken; column widths are fixed now, finally
    [NOTE: not really finally, it seems... (as of 2003-10-17)]
  • "Changes" mails contained badly mangled (if not unreadable) diff output – now unfiltered context diffs are used

Misc files

Some misc files like configuration files in users' homedirectories etc. (all versions)

(2018-05-05 18:04)
(2002-08-18 first)
GNU Screen 3.09.11
(not to be confused with splitscreen)
screenrc fragment providing a sophisticated status bar / caption string (see comments in file)
Since 2007-10-13, it also contains pointers to other settings and unobvious uses of screen. There has been a previous version of this file, which contained the global screenrc example which is distributed with screen. It is still available as screenrc-20040815.