Welcome to my web site. §

Warning: This site gets updated neither regularly nor timely.

About me §

My name is Fabian Pietsch, but in VL I go by the nick name canvon. Previously, this was zzznowman.

I once was a student of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Hanover (Universität Hannover), but I left with only my pre-degree (Vordiplom / bestandene Diplomvorprüfung). I live in Hanover (Hannover, Kleefeld) and Lehrte. I'm now employed as programmer (since ).

For my personal-but-public projects, see my GitHub account (@canvon). For my blog, see https://blog.canvon.de/.

News §

Historic content §

There is also a historical index page (used from 2002 till 2004) and an even more historical software collection for Microsoft® Windows™ I've written in Microsoft® Visual Basic®.

Last but not least: Many thanks to s_20 for generously hosting myself freely for a long time.